As Director of Instructional Design, I have been working with the Moodle learning management system (Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) for the past four and a half years. I designed the branded templates for both Keuka College and the Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing (work in progress), and I work with subject matter experts and faculty and my instructional design staff to build their specific course pages.

Campus Global Net
Marketing Intranet

How do you keep track of a nationwide sales force totally comprised of college students? Campus Global Net relies on resident college students to sell their products to the school population and surrounding community.

Training, order processing, sales call all happens through a password-protected, Web-based intranet.

Here's an early draft of the requirements document as a PDF file.


J4 JobSheet:
The Revenge

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J4 was developed to satisfy an internal need for better time tracking and communications for my  staff.  Working on both Windows and Mac platforms, we needed to be concerned with compatibility issues. With the help of Stephan Cossette and David Terrazas, two excellent Web applications programmers, I designed an intranet-based system through which my staff could record their production time and communicate progress.  It is password-protected and works on NetScape or Internet Explorer from internal or external workstations.

With  user, client, and time-off managers built in, the system is simple to administrate.  It was titled "The Revenge" because versions 1 through 3 weren't being used on a regular basis. J4 was integrated with the individual's payroll report. If J4 wasn't up to date, the employee didn't get paid! Revenge is a dish best served cold.

I demonstrated this product to prospective clients from Kodak, Research Institute of America Group, and others--all were very impressed.

I have worked with David Terrazas on numerous other Web-based applications, all of which are very impressive to see in action. I would be most happy to demonstrate their functionality in person.