Before there was the Web and interactive media, there was traditional graphic design. I started as an offset pressman, then a prepressman, then a mechanical artist before finishing my degree in computer graphic design. My production experience, coupled with my graphics skills and marketing experience makes for a strong combination.

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(Left) is a draft layout from the graphic novel I am currently working on. (center and right) are book cover designs for the two essay collections I have published so far.

Shameless Plugs
I created these ads to send to various colleges where I've applied for associate professorships. Of course, I came up with the concepts, wrote the headlines and copy and created the illustrations from stock images.

Sports Medicine Concepts

My client wrote the copy and I edited. The design, photography, illustration and production management were my responsibility.

For the 2007 National Athletic Trainers Association winter conference, I designed the catalog below for Sports Medicine Concepts. It is part of a complete package that consists of a tradeshow booth (see below) featuring actors who play television personalities (see explanation in catalog), and a 2-minute video presentation, all of which I produced with students at Ithaca College.